SEO Tactics to Avoid

Taking the Confusion out of SEO

If you are like most business owners with some sort of web presence, it’s fair to say you’ve been contacted by some sort of tele-marketing service offering cheap SEO services, and guaranteed page 1 rankings. This was highlight by Steve Cartwright in a recent article where he goes into depth about the various strategies these companies use, and why you should avoid them.

The concept of poor SEO implementation is not confined to the above out of date methodologies. It can also be attributed to certain level of confusion or misunderstanding about different SEO concepts. This is highlighted by Jamie Tolentino where she refers to areas such as misunderstanding pay per click, an unrealistic level of expectation of timelined results, and looking into SEO at the end of implementation of a new website. You can find all 13 tips below

So with all the negatives presented above about what to avoid the question then needs to be asked, well what should we be doing? Here is a brief overview about what you can do to start you off the right way;

Have a Social Presence

What it means is that you have a presence on all of the major social platforms of the day, with a link back to your website, which gives you the level of social connection needed today. Ideally you would want these accounts to be active with regular content, however there are ways to achieve this that won’t add to you already heavy daily work burden.

Be Relevant

This is one of our core traits, your website and its content needs to be relevant to you customers focusing on providing a solution to their problems with quality content. The more relevant your content, the higher Google will rank your site – it’s as simple as that. Each time you add new relevant content to your site, it’s another building block being added to your wall of authority. You can add content by way of new information pages, or blog posts.

Be the Authority

Another of our core traits that we implement for our customers. An authority is someone that is referred to by others as a leader, or source of relevance. When you have other websites referring to you (linking to you), this signifies that your content is highly regarded and as such your site will be given a higher ranking by default.

SEO can be quite daunting due to the vast amount of information available (not all good unfortunately), and there is also the possibility of confusion between SEO and online reputation management. These are just a few tips that can get you started in moving your website to the first page of google. Take some time to digest the do’s and don’ts advised in this article, and of course feel free to get in touch should you require any additional information.

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