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An environmental geologist is a scientist who specializes in environmental studies, reviews and research and the effect of human activity on him. They also focus on environmental site surveys, investigations of environmental danger, soil pollution investigations, remediation studies and field research, which involves hydrogeological evidence to be sampled, assessed and evaluated.

An environmental geologist like Michael Osland holds a Bachelor of Geology or even a PhD for professors or teachers at universities and schools. Environmental geologists’ fieldwork includes testing and experiments to establish a range of different toxicity and/or pollution conditions for a property. The results of such studies are then used to make decisions on the required steps as well as to establish plans for avoiding or mitigating potential environmental pollution.

The need of land owners and potential property buyers to practice environmental due diligence underlines the value of geologists’ services. Investigations, such as phase I ESAs, can be carried out only by organizations providing environmental engineering services carried out by highly trained geologists or engineers. This makes sure the unfortunate accidents like the Love Canal, New York fiasco never happen again.

Today, geologists are required more than ever for the detection of environmental hazards and the identification of pollutants found at so-called brownfields. While a polluted site can not be completely clean” environmental geologists, along with government authorities, ensure that environmental pollution and physical damage caused by such wastes are mitigated to the maximum possible degree.

Before the transition of ownership transfers, businesses and people intending to purchase or sell assets may have checked the platform. Evaluation of risk exposure to health and the environment from possible pollutants is a crucial precautionary mechanism for minimizing regulatory requirements, lawyers’ fees and most significantly, injury and loss of human life.

Environmental geologists help deter and reverse pollution of property as well as define measures for soil, lakes, reservoirs, waterways and shoreline repair and remediation destruction. The most popular areas visited and checked for secret risks or hazards of radioactive and dangerous substances are military bases, dumpsites, and old mine fields. Any sites have also been identified as sites to be cleaned up and remediated.

Environmental due diligence is only the first stage of pollution prevention and management. Consumers and companies should show proper care and concern for the atmosphere as guardians of the planet.

Environmental geologists are committed to protecting and preserving the country, but everyone must do their utmost to make sure the earth continues to be a treasure for decades to come. This can only be done by concentrated action and conformity with national environmental legislation.

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